Handling Fee Notification
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Handling Fee Notification

.....Notice To All Our Customers.....

Starting October 15th 2012 our supplier in Philadelphia, PA is going to be charging us a $10 per order handling fee for all the orders we send them.

They supply all our ProForce Sparring Gear, Uniforms, Weapons, and many of the other martial arts accessories that we carry.

We are very sorry for this added cost, but our supplier has insisted that this is the only way they will be able to continue serving us in the capacity they have in the past.

This fee is a one time fee per order.

It will be applied to your order using the shopping carts promotion/coupon system by automatically adding a new product to your order called "PA Supplier Handling Cost".

There will also be a description of the fee under the applied promotions section of the shopping cart page when it has been applied to your order.

By adding the fee as one time charge to each order, we are able to still offer our low pricing on the individual products we sell from them and do not have to inflate our prices to cover this cost.

In order to offset this added cost, we suggest that you plan your orders accordingly and try to group more items together at one time, rather than placing many small orders. This is generally a good idea when shopping online because it saves on the overall shipping costs of each item in your order.

If you can group orders together from multiple people, such as friends, family, or other parents in your childs class that will allow you the most in savings overall.

This new fee only applies to this one supplier and all the products that ship from these locations do not have any fees associated to them.

  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA - GTMA
  • Sebastian, FL - Macho Products
  • Lenexa, KS - Combat Sports
  • Oklahoma City, OK - Century Martial Arts

To figure out where the product is shipping from please look for the information below on the product page highlighted in yellow.

Example Product Information:

Supplier Location Image

We have also added notes to all the affected products on our site for your convenience as well.

If you have any questions about this new fee please contact us here.